People don’t realize is that Zillow and Trulia are often outdated by up to 9 days! In a market where the best listings are selling within a couple of days, that is far too long!

What does this mean? You are MISSING the best properties that are selling the fastest because you are only searching on a constantly outdated site. ALSO, if you are already set up on a Realtors MLS search, but are finding homes on one of these sites that you are interested in, there is a reason you aren’t seeing these properties pop up on that MLS search. It means those properties are either lacking a specific item of criteria from you search, OR they are already under contract.

Zillow and Trulia are great fun apps to look at when driving around and seeing roughly what homes are selling for in the area. They also are fun to get a gauge on what is coming and going in the market around your home.Many buyers that I work with send me a laundry list of properties off Zillow,, Trulia, etc, and typically about 70% are already under contract.If you want to know properties available, and updated every 15 minutes, either ask your Realtor to setup a custom MLS search for you. Or utilize a website like mine at that has property listings updated every 15 minutes!